About us

My name is Maroun Rizk, founder of Project Teaching and physics engineering student at Polytechnique Montreal. I’m passionate about improving teaching & learning. I am looking to build a team with others who believe, like me, in the importance of good quality teaching and effective learning. A good education can save you time, transform your life and lead you to the threshold of your own wisdom. The goal is to give students educational independence by adapting the systems that work for them, to the subjects of their interests.

What we provide

  • Answer questions to the best of our abilities
  • All resources used for the project will be available and open source
  • A methodology document on each project posted
  • Full access to explanation videos

Our Services

We offer free tutoring and mentoring to help you fulfill your potential. The main goal is for us to improve our teaching and for you to improve your learning. It’s a Win-Win don’t you think!

Payment is required for anything over 2 hours of work. (price is negotiable)

One on one tutoring

We will target the core issues that keep you from mastering STEM subjects.

Small Group tutoring

By having diversity we will reach a deeper understanding of the STEM subjects.

Performance optimization

Working on how to study, improve processing of information.

Our Portfolio

Here are a few projects that I have worked on with the documentation and simplified explanation of what went through the work and a critique of the result.

Customers Reviews

Here you may find the thoughts of a few of my students.

Our Blog

A space where you can witness & enjoy the distilled thought process & progress of the teaching project and the people implicated in it. You are free to send me any article/story that you would like me to publish.


Here we talk about teaching: the methods, the experiences, and the overall challenges that it’s being faced with.

Lessons through stories

Here you can find many stories either created or borrowed so that you can learn complicated things in a simpler and more enjoyable way.


Here we will talk about the learning process: theory vs practice, the challenges we face as students, and as people of the 21 century.


Here you may participate actively in the teaching projects, by offering ideas and criticism as well as stories, projects, educational material etc.

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